• Wondering what we’ve been working on all year? The first three songs are now available! Get them on Bandcamp, iTunes and later this week on Spotify, Google and Amazon as well as on the Road to SXSW presented by Naragansett with Tigerman WOAH and Dirty Bangs. Vinyl pre-sales and a bunch more songs on the way!

  • Only way to get the new music is to come out to the shows! See ya there!

  • we’ve waited and waited, now it’s finally time! debut album available EXCLUSIVELY at live shows.

    2/27 Record Release Show presale tickets here 

  • Something special for y’all! Head on over to our soundcloud to stream our Daytrotter session. check it out here.

  • Back in August, we recorded 4 songs for Daytrotter in Illinois, check em out here.